A Single Mark

A Single Mark

 I am currently pursuing a blend between representational and abstract art and embracing the idea of looking at the world in a new way.  This is not only exciting and exhilarating for myself, but beneficial to pass onto my students and show them the endless possibilities of self-expression.


A Single Mark is a culmination of two sides of my art practice into one.  The past year I have been exploring non-objective art religiously.  It was a new style and way of thinking that was both challenging and exciting. I now have started looking at how to incorporate abstract techniques and marks into representational art, and this is where A Single Mark was born.  I’m excited to continue to push the boundaries of abstracted landscapes as I journey on.


All materials used are high quality and archival; used with the intent of ensuring the longevity of the art.  If you have any other questions about idea creation or the process I’d love to chat!  You can find me on Instagram @tannerbosmaart.


Framed work on Canvas

Framed work on Matboard