FLOW- a Solo Exhibition

FLOW- a Solo Exhibition



In Spring of 2018 I received a grant to pursue a project that was unfamiliar to me: an abstract journey.  I had noticed a painterly quality emerging in my work, and wanted to see how that manifested in non-objectvie abstraction.  Through this grant I created 11 12″x12″ canvases that were playful creations experimenting with ideas, color schemes, compositions, styles, and technques.  These translated to 3 36″x48″, 2 30″x60″, and 1 72″x72″ canvases.

Flow, South Khorman Western Michigan University

From start to finish the entire process was exciting and challenging and has proven to be completely transformative of my whole studio practice.  I now consistently produce abstracts and my style, processes, and ideas are ever evolving.  

Flow exhibition title wall
Flyer advertisment for the exhibition and reception
Opening Reception

To see all available works from this exhibition go to available works-Abstract, or search FLOW

Playroom, Flow 2018. Also exhibited in the WMU Frostic School of Art Student Show 2019
Day 3, Flow 2018
Day 5, Flow 2018
Fracture, Flow 2018